choose veggie

It has become apparent to me that when attending any sort of banquet, fundraiser or ceremony where they offer you meal choices, choose the veggie option. The other options usually involve beef and chicken. Since these events are usually attended by many people, the beef and chicken options are mass produced. The chicken tends to always be dry and the beef is either over or under cooked. However, the veggie option often seems to be much more intentionally prepared. Plus there are many other benefits…

1. Even if you are a meat eater you get to be known as a life long vegetarian by the servers and the people at your table you do not know. The servers never initially have the veggie option and need to call back to the kitchen, “We need a vegetarian plate!” Then when it arrives they always ask the question, “Where is the vegetarian?” And just like that, you have been anointed a healthy and intentional person.

2. You make everyone else at your table feel bad they are meat eaters and not as healthy as you. I have only been at a few functions where there is more than one person at a table that opts for the veggie plate. If the people are polite they will all be waiting with their meals in front of them for your veggie plate to arrive. When it does, most times, it is much more colorful that their meals due to the vegetables. This alone often causes people to comment that they wished they were more healthy eaters. A quick, fabricated response on your part can confirm their guilt for not eating better…”Well, my family has a history of high blood pressure.”

3. You eat your whole meal and have room for dessert. On average, the vegetarian option tends to be less….food and filling. This means you can clean your plate and have it removed by the servers before anyone else at the table. This will solidify their feelings of gluttony.

4. This one is optional. The dessert tends to be like the chicken and beef options, less than average. This is especially true with cheesecake. So, if you really want to shake up the table and enjoy watching the other peoples’ non verbals, only eat 1/2 of your dessert…then put down your fork and say, “This is amazing, but I better not.”

Going veggie goes a long way to spicing up what can be very dull and boring (0ften obligatory) banquets and ceremonies. Not only do you get a better meal, but a better show.


3 responses to “choose veggie

  1. I have a friend who attended boarding school in Africa while growing up. She began choosing the vegetarian options on a regular basis because the meals just looked (and tasted) better. True to your observations, the chefs at her school spend more time preparing the veggie meals that ended up being fresher and, of course, healthier in the end.

    Before becoming veggie for good, I would also choose the non-meat options at banquets and the like. Your arguments for doing so are good, most important of all is the fact that the veggie choice is the healthy choice!

  2. what if the banquet is all vegetarian?

  3. Then you extol the virtues of veganism. Tell people you are a 4th degree vegan and refuse to eat anything that has a shadow.

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