patent pending

The world seems like a pretty inventive place, yet it puzzles me that nobody can develop a lotion container that can actually dispense all of its contents. Not wanting to be wasteful I usually add a little hot water, shake the bottle, remove the cap/stem and then try to shake/pour the lotion out for use. I hate this process. While trying to get all the lotion out I consistently spill on the floor or fling it onto the walls while trying to shake it out of the bottle. So, after much thought I propose a solution.

Step 1: The Lotion Bottle

Sexy isn’t it?


Step 2: Let’s look at the stems!

Let’s add a flexible gasket that is affixed to the stem that will force the lotion to the bottom of  the bottle when air pressure is introduced into the lotion bottle. Wait, how the hell are you going to do that? 


Step 3: Another gasket please!

Ok, now let’s place a smaller gasket inside the neck of the bottle. When you push down on the dispenser it acts as little pump that forces air into the bottle. The built up pressure from the air being pushed into the bottle will force the sliding gasket affixed the stem downward moving the lotion to the bottom of the bottle so it can be dispensed.


Step 4: Let’s see that all together…

There you have it. A fully functioning, non-annoying, lotion dispensing dispenser!


I know what you are thinking…I used illustrator do design the diagrams, but you are wrong….it was actually microsoft paint. Yeah, I am pretty proud at how they turned out.


One response to “patent pending

  1. Hey, this is actually a really good idea. I’m not sure if the physics will work, but the patten office pretty much rubber stamps whatever comes across their desk. You should submit it. Maybe someday you can force some actual inventor to pay you for the work he has done. That is the American way you know.

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