an orderly release of everything important

After a mini-class about Alexander Calder and wire sculpture I decided to give it a try myself. Here are the results –

Wire Face – This is primarily made with two wires (4 if you count the ears). The first wire starts at the left eye and encompasses both eyes, the nose, mouth, chin and the head. The second wire holds the ears in place.

Wire FaceWire Face

Giraffe – This was my second wire sculpture and it was made with a single wire.


4 responses to “an orderly release of everything important

  1. I just went to the Calder exhibit at the MCA in Chicago and loved the wire portraits he did. I did a search for some examples and saw your work. Do you have any others that are for sale? I wool love to find something similar for my home. Thx , Lee

  2. These are great — I love your head — with 4 wires. And I’m impressed with the one-wire giraffe. Would love to see more!

  3. I liked this work. I hope you are doing more of it.

  4. very impressive! what gauge wire did you use for this, and is it fairly manipulable (ie doesn’t kill your hands when working with it)?

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