Hanging on a thread…

Here is some more wire sculpture. On the left you will see the original piece (Little Face) by Alexander Calder. On the right you will see my attempt to replicate the Calder work. Emphasis should be placed on attempt as this was very difficult to replicate. Finding and cutting the glass pieces was difficult, but manageable. The wire face went smoothly, but stringing everything together and trying to get the face to point forward was impossible. The picture on the right has a little Photoshop work on it to remove a string that kept the eyes and nose facing forward. I made this for somebody and when I shipped it the string connecting the face pieces to the top of the head broke. I am finishing up a different Calder replica I plan to send as a sort of concession since the first one didn’t make it in one piece. Hopefully they will like it. I will try to post the pictures of the new piece in a few days.


One response to “Hanging on a thread…

  1. very cool! part of the beauty of calder lies in his elegant simplicity. he makes it appear so easy, like anyone could do it, until you actually try and attempt it yourself, and discover it ain’t so easy after all.

    if you’ve ever seen videos of calder at work, i’d have to say it’s kind of like watching fred astaire dance. you just sorta shake your head and go…wow!

    once again, you really did an amazing job! how long did it take you to make this?

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